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About Us

Welcome to Codsall & Wergs Garden Centre

Located only four miles from Wolverhampton, Codsall & Wergs Garden Centre is your local, independent, family run garden centre where you will find a huge selection of plants, shrubs and trees, a range of homewares, gifts, pet supplies and toys for your little ones. We also have a range of outdoor and indoor furniture, complimented by a great selection of barbecues, pots and planters. If you love the great outdoors have a browse around the camping equipment department – supplying accessories and clothing.

Don’t miss our events throughout the year. There’s something for everyone, from gardening talks and demonstrations to entertainment for the whole family including face painting, treasure hunts and special guest appearances. Sign up to our newsletter for our latest news, events and special offers.

Specialists in Lawn Mower Repairs

Does your lawn mower have a starting problem? Turn to the technicians at Plymouth Lawn & Garden for help. We specialize in servicing lawn mowers and other outdoor power equipment. We offer engine repairs for all mower and tractor types!

Call us to schedule a service or visit us today. We'll try our best to complete the job within the same day, but this depends on the job size.

The term "lawn", referring to a managed grass space

dates to no earlier than the 16th century. Tied to suburban expansion and the creation of the household aesthetic, the lawn is an important aspect of the interaction between the natural environment and the constructed urban and suburban space.[2] In many[clarification needed] suburban areas, there are bylaws in place requiring houses to have lawns and requiring the proper maintenance of these lawns. In some jurisdictions where there are water shortages, local government authorities are encouraging alternatives to lawns to reduce water use. Call us to schedule a service or visit us today. We'll try our best to complete the job within the same day, but this depends on the job size.

Lawns may have originated as grassed enclosures

within early medieval settlements used for communal grazing of livestock, as distinct from fields reserved for agriculture. The word "laune" is first attested in 1540,[5] and is likely related to the Celtic Brythonic word lan/llan/laun, which has the meaning of enclosure, often in relation to a place of worship.

In medieval Europe, open expanses of low grasses [6] became valued among the aristocracy because they allowed those inside an enclosed fence or castle to view those approaching.

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Kathy Purdy promises that gardening

Kathy Purdy promises that gardening in a colder climate is no more difficult than a warmer one. Her blog provides lots of resources and tools to help you succeed. Purdy offers DIY projects, essays, interviews, opinions, and recipes. She also provides forums, reviews of books and magazines, referrals to other blogs, and expert advice.

Browse her posts to learn how to grow Mediterranean herbs and other plants in areas similar to the northeastern United States.

This blog has your growing needs covered. It covers topics ranging from different types of gardens and lawn care to indoor plants and composting. Check out their problems section for help ridding your garden of pests and weeds. You can also learn how to solve environmental issues and treat plant diseases.

Pam Penick started Digging in 2006 to connect with other gardeners and share her advice for growing in the challenging climate of Austin, Texas. Penick’s enthusiasm shines through in everything from her welcome post to her self-proclaimed obsessions with agave, native Texan plants, screech owls, and garden design.

After taking a tour of Penick’s gardens, learn how she crafted them and borrow her techniques for your own backyard. A bonus for Austin residents: Penick gives the scoop on local nurseries, events, shops, gardens, and other areas of interest.

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